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June 1, 2001 #2

june 1, #2 [foreigner, "feels like the first time"] well here i

am at camp. tony, a total asshole is right across from me in tent city. great.

i’m all moved in. i’m suposed to be looking for pete, but i felt like writing

something real quick. i got an e-mail from someone today, his name is thomas,

and he was down at philmont with me. at least that’s what i’m guessing. he

said that he’s in one of the pictures taht’s on my site and the hint he gave

me "phish" refers to philmont. here’s the pic

he sent me. well there’s actually 8 there, just replace the 01 with 01-08

and you’ll get them all. i dunno who he is, he doesn’t look like anyone in

my pics. at least not that i see. it really freaked me out when i read that.

i was like OMG. but yeah. i also talked to my mom before i left, she said

she found the advocate in my scanner and read that article about steven cozza

and that made her resign, so that’s a good sign. yeah i’ve got more to write

but i feel like i should be places. i’ll write more later today, we have 2

hours of "move in" time when everyone else gets here. i dunno why

he told me to be here so early. but oh well. laters all.

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