My Life

May 31, 2001

may 31, [matchbox 20, "girl like that"] well it’s still early,

i’ve got almost everything packed, just a few small things are left to get

out to the car and such. i guess mandy and them are all planning something

for me. it should be cool. i’m happy. i’ve been in one of those moods all

day, you know like on the verge of crying but not there yet. yeah like that.

i went to lunch with angie, that was really good. we went to chli’s and one

of her friends was working there and he was our waiter. it was cool. he was

cute, lol. other then that not much going on. my car is packed full of shit

that i’m taking, it’s pretty funny, usually i can fit everything i need for

a week of camp into a backpack, but i have two foot lockers and a couple of

those little plastic drawer things. it’s all good though, i should have enough

shit to last all summer up there. yep, my last day in civilization. it sucks.

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