My Life

May 24, 2001

may 24 [sting, "everybreath you take"] well i just got back from

the doctor, and the eye place. the doctor said i’ve lost 50 pounds since i

saw him last, which was about the same time last year. so that’s all cool.

i also went to the eye doctor, with the contacts that i have now, i’m 20/25

(or is tat 25/20) well it’s something like that, but it’s not good. i have

stigmatism (sp) so i miught have to go with contacts that cost like 2x more

then what these cost and i _can’t_ afford that. so yeah. i’d have to go back

to glasses. she gave me another pair today to see if they help any, well see.

after that i went to hy-vee to get food. i saw angie, that was good. i got

chinese cause yeah, i haven’t had chinese in sooo long. it was good then i

came home, it wasn’t even 12 yet and my dad was already home. so yeah he’s

here. i wanna go somewhere tonight, but i bet i won’t oh well. i have to go

make my needs list for camp, and man do ineed alot. so yeah that’s going to

take a bit.

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