My Life

May 24, 2001

may 24, #2 [beach boys, "good vibrations"] well it’s noit good

vibrations in the bf department. i guess danny’s feeling empyt, but he won’t

talk to me about it, so i don’t know what to do. i mean i want to be ther

for him and he can come talk to me when ever he wants. but it’s hard for me

to be around now that i’m at home and such. and i’ve been spending alot of

time with friends, but ihaven’t seen them in forever. so i don’t think that’s

realyit, i don’t know what it is. he needs to talk to me. now i’m really sad

cause i’m worried abouthim. i want to know what’s hurting in his life. i really

reay do. he says "It just feels like you

have totally dissed me or that you have like totally moved." i don’t

know what he means by that. i just don’t know.

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