My Life

May 16, 2001

may 16, [brian mcknight, "back at one"] ok i feel really weird

writing this here. but this started out as a place that i can express myself

and write down what i’m feeling, so i’ve been thinking alot lately. and i

have feelings for someone in our "group" i mean i don’t really get

to talk to him all that often, we’ve never even really talked all that much.

when ever we’re around each other it’s with the rest of the group and such,

so i can’t really talk to him. but i mean, i’ve been thinking alot about him

since i got back home, well more like since spring break, but these feelings

have come out even more since i got home. sometimes i just want to go up to

him and ask him out to supper or something, but like i said, everytime i see

him, it’s with the rest of the group, and we’ve never really talked either.

it’s odd, we’re in such a small group of freinds, but i’ve never _really_

talked to any of them about my life or anything. nor do i really know about

thier life. but ok back on topic. i feel kinda weird about just going up and

asking him to supper, or even just talking personal stuff with him. cause

i don’t know if he shares the same feelings. but at the same time, i get the

feeling that he might. i dunno i suck at this shit.

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