May 15, 2001

may 15, #2 [tonic, "soldier’s daughter"]. so i was downstiars on

the computer using the internet and my dad comes in, "you on the internet",

"yeah", "so what are you hiding with the solitare game",

"nothing", "so who’s been calling here so late at night",

"friends", "well you think they could call at a decent time",

"it is a decent time", "friends from philly", "no",

"friends who", "just friends", they he walks off. does

so shit, comes back "you still on the internet", "yes",

"we don’t let andy on the internet tell mom gets home", "so",

"so how’s she supposed to call if you’re on the internet", "the

cell phone’s turned on", "why would she call the cell phone",

"cause the phone line is busy", then he starts yelling at me about

shit. it’s like, well damnit. get another fucking phone line or something.

how many times have i told you to get one? grrr.

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