My Life

May 9, 2001

may 9, [Led zeppelin, “Ramble On”] well it’s wed, yep only two more days

here, only two. man i can’t believe it. i got up at 6 this morning and the

roomie was gone already, so i was like, hmm, and went back to bed. i got up

about 7:30 or so, went and did that whole morning thing, only two more days

that i’ll have to take a shower here. i’ll have to start taking shit out to

my car tomorrow. not really much going on here, it looks to be a nice morning,

i should go get some breakfast, but i’m not really in the mood to. i have

a final at 10, in 2 hours. it’s VB so it should be pretty easy. i hope it

is. i think my econm final is going to be the hardest by far. I’m going to

have to run this summer some time. i don’t like running. since most of you

don’t know what running means i guess i should explain it. every wed night

we have this ceremony called the tapping

out ceremony. basically what you do, is everyone in camp, about 600 people,

lines up shoulder to shoulder in dragon feild (that’s a looooong line and

a HUGE field). the runners stand at either end of the semi-circle, at the

center of the circle there’s three fires, call the call-out fires. in the

ceremony where it says light the call out fire, the runners run to the center

of the semi-circle following the curve and when they meet in the middle run

to the fires and light them with the tourch they are carrying. once they are

lit they follow the same path back to the ends of the line. now this is running

as fast as you can, wearing pretty much just underwear (that’s about the coverage

you get :)), carrying a flaming tourch that weighs about 15 pounds, and it’s

usually about 90 degrees and humid as hell cause we are right on the des moines

river. then they work throgh the ceremony. if you read the cermony which is

linked up there somewhere. it tells you all what happens, but you run the

line of about 600 people 4 times walk it 4 times and then the 5th time you

meet the other runner in the middle and then run to the call-out fire. it’s

alot of work.

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