My Life

May 6, 2001

may 6. the key things to have in a good relationship are, trust, honesty,

and an open relationship, one in which you can tell the other person everything

that’s going thourgh your like without reget or having to think of the consequenses.

that’s my idea. so why can’t people be honest, and open. why do people felel

that they ahve to hide things. that’s one of the biggest things that makes

me mad. is when people lie to me or when they hide things from me. for example,

[example only thanks] danny went out on a date a while ago, with a female.

he neglected to tell me. I’m fine with him dating other people, i realy am.

but the fact that he neglected to tell me hurt me. as i lay here in bed writing

this i wonder what else has he neglected to tell me, what else has he failed

to inform me about. is there anything else that he’s hiding? i don’t really

know do i?

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