My Life

May 5, 2001

may 5, #2. so i just got done watching armagedon, and you know that guy that

plays aj, he’s so damn cute. lol, just thought everyone would care. my pui’s

came and went today without any major problems, my mom still hasn’t called

the college to set up an appointment, so it looks like there’s very little

chance of use getting out there now, damnit, this is what i really hate about

my mom, she says she’s going to get something done and then she never get’s

it done. oh i was busy, oh i was running late, oh i forgot the papers, oh

i need to talk to your dad about it more. well fucking damnit, quit giving

excuses and get the damn fucking thing done. if i’m fucking going there we

have to get there NOW. there is no other time this summer to get it done.

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