My Life

April 24, 2001

april 24, #4. so the roomie has been in bed for 14 hours now, and it’s really

bloody starting to piss me off. on a different note. i haven’t talked to danny

in a while, it seems like it’s been a week, but i know it hasn’t been that

long. maybe 2 days or something, but i swear, every day that goes by that

i don’t get to talk to him seems like a week. and every week seems like a

month. i love picking up the phone, and when he’s on the other end, and he

just says "hello" in that beautiful, sweet voice that he has. i

miss hearing it so much. when i talk to him, i just feel so much better. this

poem (go to poems page, it’s there somewhere) really sums up the way i feel about him.

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