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April 24, 2001

april 24, #3. just so you all know, i HATE M$. so i was working on that program

and i needed to read in a string from an M$ access database, from a VB program.

well the string was an SSN, so it was like this: ***-**-**** well instead

of reading it like that from the database it was reading it like this: *********

and it took me forever to figure out that that’s what it was doing, cause

what it was reading in was never displayed on the screen it was using it for

validatation, so now since fucking Access can’t pass strings right, i have

to write a whole shit load of code to convert the input from ***-**-**** to

*********. damn M$. grrr. but other then that today’s been pretty good. i

have a ton of accounting to get done tomorrow though, and travis is so funny

anymore in accounting, he’s so i dunno, i guess uncomfortable is the word

for it. i really didn’t mean to do that to him, but yeah, it’s funny cause

he’s all like, yeah, lol. I’m going to go work on this program some more,

when i started i figured it could be done in like 5 forms or so, but i already

have 13, lol. opps, maybe i’m going a bit overboard, lol.

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