My Life

April 23, 2001

april 23, #3. today just sucks. i haven’t gotten shit done. i tried studying

for government, but i just can’t concentrate on it. I’m so tired today too

for some reason, i dunno why. but i am. only 3 weeks left. i wonder if my

computer can make it the three weeks without rebooting, that would be cool.

it’s been up for 11 days.1 hour. 44 minutes. and 16 seconds. yay for that,

huh. i need some more tootsie pops. oh i also have like increadable internet

speeds. My download speed: 847 kbps. My upload speed: 1597 kbps. cool, huh.

i d/led 33 megs worth of stuff in just under 2 minutes. i hope they don’t

disconect me now 🙂

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