My Life

April 23, 2001

april 23, #2. so i guess todays been pretty weird. yeah. my roomie got back

to the room about 7:30 or so, and i left about 7:45 to go get my morning milk

and to sit in the tc and stuff. well i went there. got my milk and i paid

for it. went to put my card back in my pocket and knocked the milk all over

my jeans and the floor, it was gross, so i came back here, and the door was

standing wide open and the roomie wasn’t anywhere in sight. i closed the door

and changed and checked my e-mail one more time before i left again. and while

i was doing that the room showed up again, and he was in his towel, so that

means he left the room door open while he was gone taking his shower, i mean

comon, think a bit, you’re gone for more then 10 minutes taking your shower

and you leave the room door standing wide open. so i left and went to class.

my prof didn’t show up, but some other guy did and he just came in and said,

here’s a movie to watch, and he put it in, and left. that was weird. it was

bout the fed. it was amusing so i stayed. then i came back to the room and

put my key in the door to unlock it, and it wouldn’t turn, so i was like WTF.

so i just turned the door knob and the door opened, and i was like OMG, that

twat left the door unlocked. and he had been gone for over an hour. cause

i saw him just for i left the tc to go to class. he’s so damn stupid. shoot

him, someone. please.

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