My Life

April 22, 2001

april 22, it’s raining, i love the rain, in case i haven’t mentioned that

like 10 times before, lol. yeah, so it’s 10am and the roomie has yet to return

from his nights excapadeds (sp). i have some hw to do today, but i really

don’t want to do it, it’s econ and government, yucky. i should also start

on diagrams for my comp sci group projects. i really hate those cause i always

get stuck with people that have no idea what they are doing. and i’m like

ok, so i let them type it and i tell them how it works and etc. so that they

can learn what’s going on. but then like an hour into it i’m just like "GET

THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY" cause they type so damn slow, or they keep screwing

things up, or they don’t know what i’m talking about. like one time we were

in this group project and we had a bunch of stuff left to do, and this twat

was typeing, and going really slow and like everything i said, he was like

"how do i do that" and i was just like, move, so he moved and i

had it all done in like 10 minutes. it’s like, how in the world did you get

this far in programming classs if you still don’t even understand concepts

from last semester? all they are really doing around here is just making a

bunch of programming drones to work in thier cubicells. i can’t wait to get

out of here. only three more weeks. god, three more weeks. this year has ust

gone by so fast. omg, only two weeks of classes left. wow, now that i just

look at it, and say. three weeks. it just kinda hits you. omg. i have so much

to do in the next three weeks. and i only have three more weeks where i can

openly talk to danny. and i ony have three more weeks before i have to go

back to being the "str8" me. and i only have three more weeks before

i have to start going to work on the weekends. and there’s only three more

weeks before i have to more out, and pack all this shit up. i don’t know what

i’m going to do with it all. my room is already full enough. i never realized

how much smaller my brothers room was compared to my room. but ya know it’s

his own fault, he’s took the guest bedroom, and not the one that he was supposed

to take. the one he was going to take was actually bigger then my room is.

but my room has a walkin closet and a window seat.

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