My Life

April 22, 2001

april 22, #2. it is now 11:42 and the roomie has just returned and went the

hell back to bed. ::wants to scream:: it’s stillo raining though, so that’s

cool. it’s raining really hard actually. and it’s starting to lightning, and

stuff, so yeah, good times. lol. oh and try this, go to planetout sometime,

and enter the following info: 1) zip: 57042, miles: 20, ages 17-20. 2) zip:

50226, miles: 20, ages 17-20. now notice how many more come up with the second

zip then the first zip, how nice, huh? damnit i wanted to clean out my porn

stash today too, guess i won’t be doing that now though, since the roomie

is here. roflol.

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