My Life

April 11, 2001

april 11. so last night sherri called here looking for aaron, my roomie,

and i was like, wtf are you doing calling at like 6 in the morning, and she

was like, it’s not 6. and i was like, well wtf time is it, so i looked at

my clock and it was only 11. i was like, omg, it sooooo felt like it was 6.

oh well. maybe i should have gotten up then, cause yeah, i missed my alarm

this morning. lol. it’s raining today, it’s so nice. i like the rain. i only

have today and tomorrow then i go home for a four day weekend, yucky, i really

don’t want to go home. maybe i’ll go and spend the time at my G&G’s or

i could wire the house, i’ve been meaning to get that done for a while. i

should also install Win2k on the machine downstairs, that way when i do get

the house wired, that will be ready, and i’m liking this Win2k thing, my computer

has now been up for 4 day, 44 minutes, and 31 seconds. yay for that, eh. it’s

cool, i’m going to leave it up this weekend too, just to see if it makes it.

i’ve got battery backup on it, that’ll last 30 minutes if the power goes out,

and it’ll shut itself down too if the battery gets to low, so yeah, that’s

all cool. So a while ago i had to swtich website tracker things, and yeah,

i’m not liken the one that i’m using now, thier site is always fucking down,

the bastards. oh well, i’m sures as hell not uploading all 219 html files

that are on this site again, just to fix that one minor thing. i currently

have 8,936 e-mails, yeah, lol. i’ll break the 9,000 mark soon. hehe. i’m bored.

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