My Life

April 8, 2001

april 8. so yesterday was zimmfest, like the big campus sponsored party type

thing, it was a total waste of time, there was like maybe 30 people there

at one time and yeah, it just sucked. they had live bands there from 5 pm

to 2 am, and the band guys were pretty cute, but other then that, they sucked,

lol. they were like hs garage bands and such, so yeah. so i left with a bunch

of people about 12 or so and we came back to the dorm and they all got drunk

off thier asses. so i came back here and went to bed. and then about 1 or

so sherri came bursting into my room and she was soooooooo fucking drunk,

it was hilarious. omg. lol. sbut yeah, everyone around this place was just

fucking druck off thier asses. there were people urinating in the fucking

parking lot and stuff, and like we have signs that mark like staff and visitor

parking areas. well most of those signs are now ripped out of the ground,

god, it’s a fucking mess. i don’t think most of the people around here will

be getting up anytime soon. so yeah, other then the cute guys, last night

was a total waste, lol.

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