My Life

April 8, 2001

april 8 #2. ok we’ve got this test in american government on thurs, so i’m

like, ok i’ll get out my book and see what this test is over, well i looked

at the sylabus and it said chapters 10-16. so i’m like, well that doesn’t

tell me anything, what are these chapters over, so i dug out my book and started

looking over them, you know it’s almost 300 pages that he’s testing us over,

300 fucking pages in a 2 page multiple choise test. how the fuck is he going

to do that? how are we supposed to know what the hell to study? you can’t

know all 300 fucking pages of this shit. damnit. oh well i’m going to start

looking it over and see what i can pull out of it all.

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