My Life

March 22, 2001

march 22, people are stupid. the ODS had a bulitin board thing

up that said “Celebrating Women of Courage and Vision” well some

dumb shit ripped it so it now says “Celebrating Men of Rage and Vision”

Stupid ass people. on a different note everyone should go and see mir’s reentery

here. when it happens. they should

have video of it about 4 hours after it’s splashed down, lol. I’ve been so

tired lately, i didn’t sleep much tuesday night, but i slept well and then

yesterday i took like a 2 hours nap, but then by 8 i was tired again, so i

went to bed, but didn’t get to sleep tell sometime atfer 10 cause i remember

hearing my watch beep at 10 and then i didn’t sleep very well. i was up most

of the night and i didn’t get out of bed tell like 9:30 or so, cause i missed

my first class, oh well. So then i went to my programming class, we had a

test today, i really hate programming tests, i think they should all be open

book, cause it’s like how do you know what they are going to put on the test,

there’s so much that you could possibly have to know, and it’s also like,

here they are so big on “in the real world” well how many jobs are

you going to get where they say, oh we wany you to do this project but you

can’t use any resourses or anything, it’s like comon people, you can’t expect

people to remember every little bit of syntax and shit, and some of the questions

they ask are really hard, and also with the crappy ass way they teach it too,

it’s just stupid. i really hate it here, i can’t wait tell may 11th, the last

day, then i can’t wait tell june 16th, the day i start my job, i’m getting

pretty nervous about it, it’s like you know, i’ve only done cope once and

i really enjoyed that, but i just doubt mysef on weather i can do this as

an instructor. it’s a really hard job and such and i’ll be a long way from

home too. but oh well, i’ve accepted it, it pays nicely from what he said,

and it should be a really fun job. i need to get my accounting done, but the

damn roomie is in here he’s fucking sleeping yet, i don’t know what time he

finally got back, but i know yesterday wheni got up at 7:30 when danny called

me he wasn’t here and didn’t show up tell like 3 in the afternoon. oh well,

as long as he’s not here i’m happy.

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