My Life

March 21, 2001

march 21, Gachtonquoam. So i’m feeling better today, I’m still

not going to get online and such, but i’m feeling better, danny and i talked

for a long time last night, that was good, he always cheers me up. lol. but

yeah, i hurt myself last night, that really sucked, i was laying in bed talking

to danny, and i have one of those drop in ceilings and i had removed one of

the tiles nad i keep stuff up there like a flashlight and my alarm clock and

a light and such, but i was palying with the tile and the flashlight rolled

off and hit my in the head. it cut me pretty bad i was bleeding all over the

place. it ‘s a pretty bad cut, but it’s doing better today. it took like 15

minutes for it to stop bleeding. i’m gonna have a little bald spot in my eyebrow

now, lol. oh well, i’ve been hurt worse, lol. but damn that flashlight really hurts i can see why cops use them, lol. oh for those that are wondering, the

word for yesterday means “to be sad” and today’s word means “to

be sleepy”, so yeah, yall know a little lenape now, lol. Oh i watched

Qaf Series 2 yesterday, it was so fucking good. i loved it. the ending was

the best part. But i really didn’t like the way it ended, they just rode off

into the night and such. but it was really good i like they way they did it.

well i should be getting back to accounting, i have a test next wed night,

i hate night tests. they always inturupt things.

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