My Life

Feb 28, 2001

So the Boy Scouts. hmmmm, Do i really want to work for

them? i don’t know, do i. I talked to the guy from philly today. he said i

could work C.O.P.E. which would be REALLY cool. but that would be alot of

hard work and such. but it hink it would be fun. i have to let him know by

friday. I think it would be sooooooo cool to work out there. i also have a

meeting with Ely Brewer (the scout executive for mid-iowa council, in other

words the HEAD BOSS MAN, lol.)next friday, that’s scary, first i don’t like

ely to begnin with, hes an ass. and second i don’t know what it’s about. That’s

bad. very, very bad. other then that not much else going on here, danny called

and woke me up this morning, that was cool, lol. good thing too cause i might

have just slept in and missed my first class, my alarm didn’t go off like

it should have. i think my roomie got pissed though, cause the phone kept

ringing, the thing he was using to call me cut us off every 5 minutes, lol.

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