My Life

Feb 5, 2001

so yeah, teachers are ass holes. i’ve got this one teacher

for programming, and he doesn’t know how to program. bastard. you know one

of the major things they teach in programming classes is that there’s more

then one way to find the answer to a problem. well i took a different route

then the rest of the class, not the most efficient route, no, but it was different,

and that’s one of the things that i think makes programming fun, is finding

different ways to fix the problem, well you know what the bastard did, cause

i was differnt, he took 5 points off my assingment, the fucker. mother fucking

bastard, last time he took points of cause i didn’t follow the “proper”

programming techniques, they claim that we should use prefixes for our variales,

like “int” for integer, “chr” for char, “str”

for string, etc. you know that just makes it harder for me to program cause

i don’tgive a fuck about the damn prefixes, i just want to call them like

adder, for something that adds, and thingy for temp variables, i know what

they do, and it’s not that hard to figure out what they do, cause for things

that are used alot i use things that make sence. like statenames, for something

that stores state names. bastard, i fucking hate him. he doesn’t really know

what programming is, he has a fucking Ph.D. in history, why the fuck is he

teaching programming? bastrad. ok so some good things happen too. this weekend

was so great, i spent tons of time on the phone with danny, it was so nice.

i love his voice. but satnight i was really depressed. it was really pretty

here, there was low cloud cover and the lights from the city were just lighting

everything up, it looked like there was a full moon, i love night like that.

and i was so depressed cause i wanted him here to share it with, damnit. hehe,

and then there was this time he was at the mall and called, and he was like

‘wanna talk to my parents” and i was like no. hehe, that would have been

funny shit. lol. but we lost internet connection here for a bit and i was

in the middle of talking to him online when it happened. so i was like “FUCK

i don’t want him thinking i just left” so i came back to my room and

looked up my access code and called the “old” number i had for him,

and sure enough he answered, hehe, that was funny, hope i didn’t get him in

too much trouble, he said he told his PU’s i was just a friend, so yeah. lol.

that was great, i finally got to surprise him for once, lol. but yeah, it’s

been a good weekend, i got all my accounting done, and then i wrote the next

program, following EVERY fucking thing that we are supposed to do, so if this

bastard fucking docks points i’m going to be one pissed off mother fucker.

lol. i sitll have to write that bill that’s due on thurs. but that shouldn’t

be to hard. yeah. ya know my roomie is really starting to piss me off to.

he’s been sleeping tell like 5 in the afternoon and it really sucks cause

i can’t listen to my music or open the curtians or anything, damnit. he missed

all his classes today, hehe, i hope he gets in trouble for it, he’s on Academic

probation, so he can’t miss any classes lol.

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