Car Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the car. A lot has happened since then.

Back on Apr 22, 2014 the car was taken off to the sandblasting/body shop.


Took the sand blasters a while longer then anticipated but a few weeks later, I think they did a great job. Only found a few minor issues:






Bought my first impact wrench which is exciting. I dunno why I never had one before. Makes life so much easier and was able to easily break apart the front brake assembly. Also found that my dash pad is a bit worn so will need to get that repaired



Tore my seats apart, bought a new rear tail light housing, painted it up and then dropped it in the grass. 🙁




Other then that, I’ve been doing lots of random little changes, etc. I’ve torn the steering column apart and working on getting that back up and running.


Pass side done, new tools

Today has been a bear! Started out this morning about 8am and went out to get started… First order of business, get the tires off. Sounds easy enough, right? Nope! Broke two ratchets trying to remove the damn things.
Broken Husky

Since I only had a 1/4″ drive ratchet left, I went to sears and accidentally bought a little more then I needed.
New tools 2
New Tools 1

Grandpa would be proud! 🙂 I also just bought some socket organizers on Amazon, so hopefully they will be nice and organized and pretty soon!

Spent the rest of the day swearing and sweating and LOTS of use of the BFHx2 (Hammer and Handle!) to get this darn thing apart. All the video’s I’ve watched made this look MUCH EASIER. This is even after TWO DAYS of soaking it with lubricant.
Pass side crap out

I was really hoping to get both sides done today and get the rear loosened up. Guess I will be working on it this week to get those parts done.

So the next part of this project is to get it off to blasting and body/paint. But I’m a bit confused about what order to do things in:

Option A:
1) Blast and Primer
2) Bring back home
3) Put new suspension stuff back on so it’s rolling again
4) Take to body/paint

Option B:
1) Blast and Primer
2) Take to body/paint
3) Bring back home
4) Put new suspension stuff back on so it’s rolling again

I like option A better, because then they won’t be painting over/around all my new and (hopefully) pretty suspension parts.. But it makes it 1000x harder to move the car around. The blasters I’ve talked all want it fully stripped so they can blast everything and I want to lizardskin the bottom of the car so the painters I’ve talked to have said they can work either way. Not sure what’s the easiest though.


Glass out, sorting parts, Gas tank

Been busy lately with life, so car has been a bit on the back burner. This weekend I spent a lot of time working on it.

Today I got the front window out… What a mess that was:
Window out

Also got the gas tank out… Not so hard
Gas tank out

I also got the brake lines and fuel line out. Put a lot of WD-40 on all the bolts for the suspension, tomorrow I will tackle that.

I spent a lot of time today going through parts and cataloging everything. Found the passenger side mirror at the bottom of a box. Sadly I’ve already spent $260 on a replacement mirror and the replacement is in much better condition then the old one, so I’ll use it.

Lastly, I spent some time painting the sun visors and the kick panels. Here’s some pretty neat before and after pics:




My goal for this weekend is to get it stripped to the point where I can send it into sand blasting/body and paint this week sometime!


Dash out!

Yesterday I worked a few hours to get the dash out…

Came out a bit harder then I expected. On my bronco there were about 6 bolts and the thing just popped off. On the torino there’s a HECK of a lot more calbes, wires, etc attached. And, maybe I did something wrong, but once the dash was unbolted there’s no support for the steering column.

Heater Cable
Heater box is in pretty rough shape, the fan is really rusted, etc. Will probably have to either get an all new one or just take it apart and replace some all the components. The doors inside it that I could see were rusted shut.

Some Rust
Here’s the worst rust I’ve found so far. This is on the outside air intake thing. When I tried to unbolt it, the bolts just snapped off.

Everything out
Everything is all out, still need to get the wiring harness the rest of the way out. This car must have spent it’s LIFE at the beach. There were buckets of sand covering EVERYTHING behind the dash!

Now to figure out what to do with the body RE-body work, paint, etc. Need to find someone good in LA to do the work that’s not crazy expensive.


Engine is out!

SUCCESS! The engine is outttttt!

Didn’t take as much work as I thought it would to get the engine pulled. Yesterday I took the day off and got the drive shaft and exhaust out. This morning, with help from my roommate, we pulled the engine

Almost clear


Where to put it??
Problem is… Where to store it???

Empty Bay
Here’s the empty bay, there’s a weird blue canister in the far back left. Not sure what that is.

Back Seat
Also got the back seat out today

Vert top
And the vert top.

Along with some other random bits and pieces, including the two door windows, need to clean them up, but they look pretty good.

One problem is that I have no idea how to get the rear windows out. The manual says to unscrew two screws, but I did that and they still won’t budge.

Tomorrow will work on the dash!