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4 more YEARS!

YAY! Obama won!!!!

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It’s been a while

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy and yet not doing anything much at all. It’s tough after so long to get back into this.

Things with Calvin and I have been great. I’ve been visiting him every month and he spent the whole summer here. But at the same time, things have not been so great. After a year of dating (tomorrow) he still doesn’t trust me at all to do anything. It puts a huge amount of stress on our relationship and I’ve thought about breaking up a few times already with him. Not a good sign.

I met this guy Hut who’s fun to hang out with, he loves climbing, hiking, etc. So I’ve been spending a lot of time with him. Calvin is of course very jealous and it’s been causing lots of problems. Every time I want to hang out with him we have to have a 30+ minute “talk” about his problems and concerns with me hanging out with Hut. It’s very annoying.

I admit I was like that for a while with him hanging out with this “Francious” guy. But I quickly got over it and now whenever he tells me they are going to hang out I just say “Ok baby, hope you have fun”. And I don’t drag it out the way Calvin does.

Calvin also is very snoopy. A while back I was at his house and he snooped through my txt messages on my phone. The next time I saw him I locked my phone with a much longer password to prevent this. But it still didn’t stop him from snooping. We were sitting in bed one night and I got up to pee. He snooped through my facebook messages while I was gone. And then lied to me when I confronted him about it.

IF anything, who is the one who cannot be trusted? He’s the one snooping and lying to me. He’s the one who is going out to bars without telling me about it. I haven’t done any of that. The worst I have done is to “flirt” with other guys via txt/facebook. Yes, I admit, not the smartest or best thing to do. But also not something that should “break all trust” we have built.

He has serious issues with trusting me.

I’m going to visit him in 2 weeks for american Thanksgiving. Then he and his whole family is coming here for Christmas. I hope we can make it that long.

Enough about him.

Other things that have been up, I’ve been to a bathhouse now. Three times. All with calvin. It was very interesting each time. I sort of really enjoy it and really hate it at the same time. THe last time was the best. We were in the hot tub and there were these two really hot guys having sex next to us.

I went to china. Spent almost a whole month there. Best trip experience of my life. I had so much fun. So much happened there that it’s almost impossible to recount to late after it happened, but we visited 7 cities in 21 days.

Work has been exciting and yet boring all at the same time. I completed that project, got my bonus. But since then it’s been maint and nothing new has really happened. I honestly spend 90% of my time answering the same questions over and over again. I could sit at home and do nothing for most of the day and still be ahead on all my work. Carl has basically said they want to hire me sometime in the next 6 months. We shall see if that comes to fruition. I would love to have a new job like that but at the same time, that company seems so disorganized and out of it that I’m not sure I could deal with it.

Our CEO died and our sales manager is the new boss around here. So far nothing major has changed but will be interesting to see what happens. I don’t think he has the same vision that our CEO had so I fear the company will become stagnant. There have been a lot of changes internally regarding structure, but nothing much else has changed.

I’m going to try and start updating more often again…

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One Year Later

I can’t believe it’s already been on year since I went into that clinic, saw Dustin, and came out in tears.

One year ago I got the HIV test back that changed my life.

It’s been one hell of a year really with buying a house and a great bf and all that. But even with all the good stuff, I can’t help but be depressed about what’s been going on.

It’s been tough the last month or so.

Perhaps I need to update more.

One year, hopefully there will be tons more. We shall see.

My Life

One Year Later, big moves for me.

It’s been one year now. I was in bishop a year ago, hanging out with my friends, climbing like crazy…

I was in bed and I got a call from someone who’s only ever called me once. I answered the call and got some really horrible news.

My good friend and business associate had been shot and killed in Puerto Rico. I couldn’t believe it, he was such an amazing person and I had just talked to him earlier that day. I had told him to stay, spend more time relaxing. Maybe if I had told him to come home he’d still be alive today….

In a way though, it was a good move for me. Two guys took over his business and they treated it like shit. They didn’t care about the customers and gave horrible customer service. So I took over three pretty large clients. These clients pushed me over that bound to the point where I could buy a house, do more saving and lots of other stuff.

And now, one year later. I’m ready to fully launch a new business called “Funky FooBar Services LLC”. A VoIP and IT consulting firm…

Hopefully this will take off and become a new big thing!

My Life

Amazing V-Day, Trip to Kingston, Grandma’s House

Ugh! Really. I seem to just forget this place exists or something. I’ve been really busy, but not that busy.

Work has been work and with them pushing my project by TWO MONTHs things have really calmed down. I’ve been busying myself with other various work stuff that I’ve been meaning to do and never had the time to do. It’s been refreshing to get back into general IT work and not have to deal with this stupid project every day.

Speaking of the stupid project. It’s still a mess and I’m dreading the real go-live day. Exactly one month from today. I’m gonna need lots of Alcohol to get through this. There’s still so many problems, little problems and it seems that the programming company has just forgot about us. They’ve still been doing weekly updates, but as I go through the updates there’s usually only one or two things that makes a difference to us. Everything else is stuff we don’t even TOUCH!

Let’s see, since my last update I’ve made two, yes TWO trips to Canada! The first was for my Birthday weekend which was super sweet and nice. I flew into Syracuse, NY and drove up. I got in late and there was this disaster of a snow storm. I wasn’t sure I’d make it, white outs, the road wasn’t plowed at all, etc. I just followed a semi truck and got there safe and sound around 3am. I was exhausted and we just went to bed. The weekend was nice, we just spent it hanging out, eating, etc. He made me a cake, got me presents, etc. It was super sweet of him. My parents didn’t even send me a card.

It was two days after I got back that they decided to push my project at work. Which I guess is fine. I would have rather just gone live and got it over with. GLC is the hold up, of course and they are a bucnh of idiots as we all know. Apparently they hadn’t even told ANYONE in their company that we were going to go live that day. Whatever.

Went to Miami a few weeks ago and just flew straight from there to Toronto again. Spent a whole 12 days up there which was nice. We got into a huge fight on like my 3rd day there but after that it was smooth sailing. I got a little annoyed every now and then at him. We had to make lots of trips to Home Depot and when I go there, I like to just get what I need and go. But he always wanted to over think everything, I had to explain stuff to him like 100 times, etc. It’s nice that he wanted to understand, but after the 5th trip there I was annoyed and just wanted to get the damn project done. It was also annoying because he would constantly be telling me how to do stuff even though I clearly knew what I was going. Example: Cooking.

Overall we had a great time though and he’s still an amazing boyfriend.

Came home, etc. Haven’t done much else. My life is very boring.

My grandma moved houses, I’m really pissed about that. Long story. Anyhow, she was having a sale and there were some things that I really wanted. I tried calling my parents, but they never replied, etc. So I was all pissed off when they called me and said they didn’t get me anything.

Come to find out Calvin had been in contact with my Aunt Deb the whole time and he bought me all the stuff I wanted! 🙂 How amazing of him is that.

Ok. My life is boring, but I’ll try to update more.