Just a post about work.

We laid off a bunch of people yesterday. Sadly, I wasn’t on the list.

I found out about the layoffs about a month ago. I got the list about 2 weeks ago. There were a few names on there that are going to be devastated. I felt so bad for them. I honestly haven’t even wanted to do jack shit for work lately.

I was really wanting to be on the list. I wanted to be laid off. Give me that kick in the ass to go do something else, find something new.

I wonder how the people took the news and I really hope they gave REALLY good severance. There are other people that SHOULD have been on the list that aren’t. People who don’t really work and are just full of hot air.

My friend Jonathan says I need to just jump ship. I need to quit and just do my own thing. I have enough cash to survive. I have enough resources to be fine. But I am just scared/nervous.

He says, it’s easier than finding a bf. Just do it.


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