He forgot again…

So, I called Charles on Monday. I told him we need to leave my house between 8:10 and 8:15am. He forgot, thought he means “leave his house” or something? I don’t understand how he can confuse the two. But whatever, we made it work.

He was chatty, but didn’t ask me anything about myself or what I had been up to. I asked him to stay and watch Project Runway, he said “No, I have chores to do”. It was good to see him, but also sucked because it brought back everything.

Chris: HE DOESN’T CARE. He can’t even remember to pick you up on time for the ONE THING.

I ended up sleeping literally the entire day and night away.

When he left, it was kind of heartbreaking. Astra jumped into his car and sat on his lap. Even she didn’t want him to leave. I went to go pull her out and she jumped into the passenger seat. She wanted him to stay. I wanted him to stay. Why couldn’t he just stay.

Chris: You’re amazing. So many people have crushes on you, guys want you. You just need to be happy. You will find someone who FULLY loves you, who fully gives you what you need. You will find someone who you’re not questioning if they love you.

Work is going to suck. We got some really bad news last week.

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