So, it’s been a while since I got back from the trip, but I wanted to post an update.

The trip overall was fun and great. There were times where I was just totally over the big group though and I thought that we did a bit too much temple viewing in Thailand. But whatever.

Philippines was fine. But because it wasn’t really PLANNED because that was “too stressful”, we didn’t get as much done as I thought we could. IE there were days where we did a morning activity and then nothing else, or days where we spent most of the day just going “well what do we do now” type things.

Overall it went way better than I thought. Honestly I thought we would get into a lot of fights but there was really only one BIG one.

Since we got back, things have also been generally better. I’ve noticed he’s been helping to pay for things more, he’s been more caring. But we still have problems.

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