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This past weekend I was in Iowa closing on $3m worth of Apartment buildings. 6 new buildings, 60 total units. This should really set me up for retirement now. I’m hoping that over the next 2 years that I will feel comfortable with what my income is from these and be able to just be done with working… It’s been a very stressful two months dealing with all of these but I’m pretty sure that things will work out.

My dad reminded me of a story. 14 years ago, I bought my first big new car, it cost me $30,000 at the time. I called my dad nearly in TEARS because it was so much fucking money… I was so afraid to spend that much money. NOW today, I am going to be making an income of nearly $50,000 every month. I’m spending over $3m on an apartment building and have a net worth of $2.5m. It’s amazing how different things happen.

While I was in Iowa, I of course was thinking about Suresh a lot. I was out shopping and found these cute postcards and bought one and sent it to him. I know he hasn’t received it yet (at least, I doubt) but then this morning WHILE I WAS IN MY THERAPY SESSION he messaged me: “Hey, I know you want some space between us, but I’m going to go back to IA for a while (through May), and wanted to see if we could say “bye” before I go. I know you’ve got a lot going on this month, but I’m leaving by August 13 ( hoping the baby is born by then)”.

We haven’t spoken since June 2nd… So he’s clearly been thinking about me, maybe he misses me, who knows. Why does he want to reach out and say “goodbye”. WHY on earth is he moving back to Iowa!?

This set off so much and I was so happy/so glad that he reached out but also so anxious about how those feelings/etc will be when I see him again.

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