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Holiday Depression

Man, it’s been a tough week or two. I have been in NC this past week shutting down our plant out there. Honestly it was super depressing to see this HUGE plant that has been buzzing with activity and machines running and people all over it to be just dead silent. Very eerie to be there and walking around alone, cleaning up desktops, etc. It really was like everyone just disappeared one day and walked out. There were still papers everywhere, trash in the trash cans, etc.

I don’t know what it is but traveling just makes me really depressed and emotional anyway and then with the emotions of closing that plant down it really got to me.

It also seems that EVERYONE is getting into relationships now and yet here I am still single AF. Even Gym Husband has a BF now!! WTF.

Pasta randomly messaged me out of no where a few days ago. I haven’t replied yet and I don’t know if I will or not.

Leaving for Iowa in a few days for christmas. I am going to drive.

Honestly, when I started this post I was going to write about a lot of stuff…. But now I just don’t feel like it.

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