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HI Guy is a LIAR

So that didn’t last long. It was a super high high and now it’s over.

I had bought tickets to go see him in July 4th weekend. I was excited to see where this goes, already in my head planning and thinking a year out to see if this LDR thing would work. We would facetime and chat every day.

Then Saturday it all came crashing down. We were talking on facetime and something came up that he was lying about and that’s when ALL the lies came out. He isn’t 29, he’s actually 26. He doesn’t own his house, it’s his parents. He doesn’t own the cars he says he does. Etc etc.

Who knows what else he is lying about. Is his name even what he says it is?!

So that’s the end of it. I cannot be with someone who has lied to me since DAY ONE. I could never trust anything he says ever again.


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