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I’m insane

So, I’m totally crazy. About one week ago I was browsing reddit and this cute asian boy posted this adorable photo of him in the bathtub. I commented something like “can I join” and he said “Sure, come on over”. We started messaging on reddit’s chat system and then he asked me for pics. I have a few posted on reddit but decided to just give him my instagram. we ended up spending the rest of the day chatting non-stop there, he lives in HAWAII.

That evening he mentioned he was going to be in Vegas for Memorial day weekend and said “You should come”. We switched to texting and texted some more. Tickets were only $200, so I bought them anyway. That evening I posted on reddit this thread: Am I Insane. Everyone said to just go.

We have been chatting NON STOP since then. Like NON STOP. So I’m gonna go to Vegas and meet him.

HIV+ Filipino boy and I are barely chatting. Dunno what’s up with him.

ZenDesk is finally back from his trip. He and I have been chatting daily still he sends me cute selfies, but he friend zoned me. I’m so confused about what’s happening there.

Wings has been posting a lot of cute selfies. Too bad he was such a crazy person.

That’s about it. I’m excited to meet Hawaii boy….

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