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Army Is Gone

So, last night at dinner Army told me he wasn’t coming back. Since he couldn’t find a job he just couldn’t justify the cost of being here for the summer. I totally get it. It’s the responsible thing to do, but I’m also heartbroken and sad. I had so much I wanted to do with him for the summer.

We spent our last night together going go-carting, having a nice dinner, watching a movie and cuddling. We drove to the airport in silence, him DJing one last time and playing a bunch of sad sappy love songs. I wish I could remember all the songs he played but we got into the car and I was in tears before we even got out of the drive way. I had to hold them back so hard though. At one point he started crying, then I would cry then he would cry again. But we didn’t say a word to each other. I think we both knew that if we talked about it, we’d both just ball our eyes out.

I dropped him at the airport, we hugged goodbye and said “see you soon”. Although I don’t know when I’ll see him again. We talked a lot about going to the fair together in Iowa. But I texted him today that I was going to be there Aug 16-20. He will be out of town at Army training. So I won’t see him then.

Last night after I got home he texted me this:

Now that I’m all checked in.
I wanted to say it before I went in but I would prob ball my little asian eyes out.

Chris Black 😋 told you I remember your name ,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Food, water, shelter and everything you paid for. Words can’t express how much I appreciate everything you did for me and you go above and beyond. It was very sad to leave because I had so much fun hanging with you and all the adventures we had / cooking all those meals were fun too! Like I said before you’re a great guy. Smart, funny ish. Weird in your own ways and have accomplished many things that I am very jelly of. I hope today isn’t the last time we speak or see each other. Because I would be sad to never see you again or speak. Many you want it like that but I don’t want to. Yes I understand you wanna be with me but I see with someone better than me who can meet all your needs. Everyone is unique in their own ways and sometimes it hard to find similar traits. I guess what you see from me is a free spirited with goals and dreams in life. But everyone you talked to has the same American dream as me or even better. Life is short and time is limited. Go out there and do everything on your bucket-list. You don’t always have to experience it with someone because experiencing stuff on your own you can see it better without any interruption. Overall this sums up most of the stuff I wanted to say earlier. Please don’t block me outta of your life or let me go. Here’s one thing I can promise you. Friends come and go but I will stay loyal to those stick with me till the end. Also I want to show you my future of what I got brewing up. I hope to see you soon and don’t be sad because I know you have another awesome adventure ahead of you! ❤️❤️❤️

Ps. Excuse my grammar. Lol 🤪🤣

[redacted] Army

I’m heartbroken but I do hope we can be friends and he will stay loyal. That we can chat. I just don’t know the boundaries of how much or how far, etc.

Now I can move on in life…

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