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I’ll kick you out.

So things with Wings are done. He came over Friday as usual, we hung out. Saturday morning we did his Body Combat thing, which I hated but I kept through the whole thing. Saturday afternoon we drove to Point Reyes and had a great time. On the way to Point Reyes we stopped at this cute little market place and got lunch. While there I bought us a brownie and a cookie to share. Saturday we only ate the brownie and saved the cookie for later

Sunday I worked on the house and he studied. We left about noon and went to get lunch, on the way back I said “now we can eat our cookie” and he said he had already ate it that morning. I said, “are you serious” and he said, “we’ll see” and I asked him twice more “Are you serious” and he just kept saying “we’ll see”. I told him, “I’m going to be pissed if you ate that cookie and didn’t share it with me”. We got home, the cookie was there, I was excited, I offered to share it with him, he said no. That was the end of it… At least so I thought.

The rest of the day he seemed off. I kept asking him “What’s wrong with you”; “are you Mad” and he wouldn’t say anything. Finally about 8pm we go out to dinner. On the way there, I say “When is the next time you’re going to cook for me” and he said “Well you don’t like Chinese food”. WTF Where did that come from? I eat Chinese food all the time. I spent a month in China eating Chinese food. We were on our WAY TO A FUCKING CHINESE place to eat!

So we get to the restaurant and sit down. He doesn’t say anything. I’m looking at him and he says something like “Why are you looking at me”. I reply with something like “what else should I look at?” and it just went down hill from there. I got up and just walked out, he followed and we got in car and drove home. Apparently he’d been pissed all day because I told him I would be pissed if he ate the whole cookie.

Wtf, I cannot be with someone who’s going to be angry over something so tiny. I cannot deal with someone who keeps telling me things that are not true. Example, he would always say that I threaten to kick him out of my house. Which I never do!

Well last night, he said it again, “I didn’t want to say anything because you always say you will kick me out of your house”. So I did. I kicked him out.

He stood outside for like 30 minutes, called me 5 times, I finally answered and we talked on phone a bit, then he left.

I’m very sad. I thought that this was going to be something good. I really enjoyed him. I loved that he was happy to just hang out at home with me. I loved that he enjoyed working on projects with me. I loved cuddling with him at night. It was super fun gong to the gym with him, etc. But in the end, this is not good for me, having to walk on egg shells about every little thing. Having to be so cautious about what I say/do for fear of pissing him off.

So… back to our normal life of being lonely.

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