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Palm Springs and Wings

Wow, so this past weekend was one of lots of fun but also lots of drama!

Drove down to Los Angeles on Thursday night and went to Wi Spa. I really miss that place. I should start one here in SF BAY or something! They are always so busy too!

Friday morning I did an interview with TSA for my Global Entry. Went super easy but they asked me some weird questions and somehow they knew I worked for a CBP warehouse in the past. Picked up Jason after that and we drove to PS. Got there and then went shopping and had a good time. Hut came that night and it was nice to cuddle with him again.

Saturday we spent by the pool, drinking, smoking weed and just hanging out. Hut took like a 3 hour nap in there. Wings found out that I am going to vietnam with Army. He flipped the fuck out.

Sunday was more of the same, sitting by the pool. This hot asian guy checked in and he was sooooo cute. From NYC and originally in SF. Ended up hooking up with him that night which was fun. But I felt so empty and alone after. I left a note on his door saying “Txt me next time you’re in SF” he actually did text me later that day but just said “Good meeting you blah blah blah”. Will never hear from him again for sure.

Monday drove back to SF and dropped Jason at the airport. Wings was still being crazy. He came over Tuesday and the plan was to just break up with him. But we talked and he convinced me to not. I’m not sure if that was right or not. We shall see.

I also spoke with Army, yesterday he was VERY chatty. He’s officially coming May 11-16 and then again for our Vietnam trip.

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