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Wings and Army

So just a bit of an update here… Mostly about Wings and Army.

First Wings, things have been going very well. We’ve had two gym date nights, which are a lot of fun. He comes over, we go to the gym, work out together, come home, cook dinner, then just hang out and spend the night. He goes to school when I leave for work. It’s been super cute, IMHO.

This past weekend he came over after work and spent the whole weekend with me. Saturday we worked around the house then that afternoon we washed one of my trailers and did some other random stuff. Saturday evening we went to the lantern festival which was a HUGE LET DOWN. But it was still fun walking around with him there. Afterwards we went out to dinner at this Chinese place because the CHINESE festival didn’t have any fucking CHINESE food!

Sunday we did a hike in the morning and Astra got to run around like crazy, then we went to this little farmers market and bought some stuff and came home. Spent the rest of the day just sort of lounging around and hanging out.

He’s a really nice guy and I’m enjoying our time together and excited to see where it goes from here.

Army on the other hand, I haven’t really talked to him since he got back from Spring break. There’s been a few short bursts of txts, IE last week he texted me “I need to poop” and I replied “I dunno how I can help you with that” and he said “Me neither” and that was it. One day I texted him a picture of some poppies and said “Beautiful 80 degrees here today” and he replied “UGH”. So whatever.

Going to Palm springs this weekend with Pasta. Should be tons of fun. We haven’t been there in nearly two years and he’s finally making good on his promise from when I was laid off. Driving down to LA Thursday night, then out to PS Friday morning. Looking forward to a good weekend lounging by the pool, drinking and reading a book. I need a book to read!

Work has been work. My new guy is working out very well but I’m super frustrated. Found out the project I was HIRED TO DO A YEAR AGO has been pushed another quarter. The Ceo of the company is saying that “centralized email groups” don’t work. So he wants all the department managers to be able to do them themselves. I am so over this guy, he has no idea what he’s fucking doing. I am ready to start looking for a new job. I just feel so un-utilized here, I feel like my mind is going to mush and now this is TWO FUCKING COMPANIES I’ve been hired at to run a specific project and neither project has materialized.

I really want to start my own company that actually works and makes enough money for me to live on. Weed is the next big thing, I need to start a weed farm! Or any sort of farm, I feel like there’s not a TON of money in farming (unless you’re huge) but there’s guaranteed money. Everyone needs to eat!

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