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The optics of the relationship

Ok, wow. Today got crazy. I started writing this like 9 hours ago….

I spent a lot of time at the gym yesterday thinking about the optics of relationships and how much they impact my preference for who I date.

So explanation. Take Calvin for example, he’s a Doctor. I think a large part of why I stayed with him so long was because he is a doctor, I knew that whenever I introduced him to people they would be impressed. I knew that we would never have to worry about money. I knew that he would always have a job. Etc etc. There’s so many benefits to having a nice job like that.

Army.. Army is well, Army. There’s a certain prestige to being in the army. It’s nice to say to your friends and family “Oh he’s in the Army.

And well then there’s people like Wings. I’ve dated plenty of them in the past but haven’t introduced them to my family and have usually mostly kept them pretty private. IE JonJon, Mexican, etc. They all had part time jobs in retail and I was always sort of embarrassed to tell people what they did.

Is it bad to think about these things and put so much thought into them? I’m not sure.

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