Engine Tear Down

Today I started some of the engine tear down process so that I can pull it out. Started with pulling out the Radiator.

Radiator Supports
Radiator had (4) supports, two top and two bottom. The bottom two had two bolts each, one on each side, the two top supports only had one bolt each.

Here’s my current radiator, with the spare that came with the car. Clearly not the same size, nor is the fan shroud. I think that the radiator that came with it is too far gone, I can see two BIG holes in it and it’s very very rusty inside. Will probably just buy a new one.

Trans cooler lines
There were two trans cooler lines on the driver side of the car into the Radiator.

Heater Hose placement
Here’s the heater hose placement, I’m not sure what that weird thing is that they are connected too in the upper left corner. Looks to have some vacuum lines come out of it as well.

From there I also removed the fan, (4) simple bolts and then I pulled some other small items off…

Fender mud flap thing
Some weird fender mud flap type thing, each one was bolted on differently. These are pretty beat up, will probably just need new ones.

Washer fluid stuff

Hood weather stripping

Horn location

Random cable next to horn, not connected
Then I removed the horn, washer fluid bucket, hood weather stripping. There was some random electrical cable next to the horn that wasn’t plugged in at all.

Carb Removed

Carb lines
After that I decided to dig into the Carb. Was pretty easy to remove that, not that I was expecting it to be hard. Although, it had a lot more random connections, etc then I was expecting. Tried to get as many pictures as I could with tape noting where they went.

Started to try and disconnect the power steering pump but the lines were giving me a hard time and I’ve been feeling sick. Came in, took a nap and made dinner. Now it’s raining here in LA! About time!

Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can pull the engine!!

One reply on “Engine Tear Down”

Your car is a 71 a/c car the correct rad is the bigger one i think it’s like 26 inch.

The correct fan shroud will have a 71 mustang p/n D1ZE. The smaller shroud is a

torino p/n DOOE . On top of the larger rad if it’s original to the car will be a D1ZE

with suffix letters GA or CA :cheers:

That weird thing in the upper left corner your heat hoses are connected to is the

water bypass valve for the A/C to stop the hot water flow through the heater core

while the A/C is working. 8) The spot by the washer jug that says what goes here

that is where the other horn goes the car has two the other one mounts to the left

of that on the spring tower .

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