Last week I bought an engine hoist and stand from Harbor Freight. This weekend’s plan was to go get my engine that’s sitting at the office and bring it home so it’s not sitting outside in the elements.

Well, Nate and I spent the morning putting together the hoist (after two trips to the hardware store to get bigger sockets) drove down to the office only to find that the engine had been buried behind TWO TRUCK loads of packaging material. There was no way we were getting it out today. Hopefully next weekend.

So instead I came home and decided to try and take apart some of the body to see how it’s looking underneath. Got the two front fenders off and the hood.

Here’s the lights, there’s 6 bolts holding each one on (A bit excessive!) These won’t be going back on, but you can see where the 6 bolts go

Driver Fender
Here’s the drivers side fender. There are 5-6 bolts on top, one in the door jam (top), two in the underside near the body, two in the front of the wheel well.

Here she is all naked!

The Fenders
Here’s the fenders. They are looking pretty good from the back, doesn’t look like many dents, etc.

Pass Fender Removed
Here she is with the pass fender removed.

Tomorrow I’ll try and work some more on it. Not sure where the next step is!

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