One Year Later, big moves for me.

It’s been one year now. I was in bishop a year ago, hanging out with my friends, climbing like crazy…

I was in bed and I got a call from someone who’s only ever called me once. I answered the call and got some really horrible news.

My good friend and business associate had been shot and killed in Puerto Rico. I couldn’t believe it, he was such an amazing person and I had just talked to him earlier that day. I had told him to stay, spend more time relaxing. Maybe if I had told him to come home he’d still be alive today….

In a way though, it was a good move for me. Two guys took over his business and they treated it like shit. They didn’t care about the customers and gave horrible customer service. So I took over three pretty large clients. These clients pushed me over that bound to the point where I could buy a house, do more saving and lots of other stuff.

And now, one year later. I’m ready to fully launch a new business called “Funky FooBar Services LLC”. A VoIP and IT consulting firm…

Hopefully this will take off and become a new big thing!

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