Tuxedo has been FOUND!

I found Tuxedo!

It’s been a week since I’ve seen him. I wish he could talk to tell me where the fuck he’s been all this time and what he’s been doing.

Yesterday morning I left my apartment and noticed my car was COVERED in cat prints. I was wondering what was up with that.

Behind where I park my car, I still have my TV box which is huge. Inside that I have a ton of other boxes from random stuff that I’ve purchased over the years. On top of that is a screen from the window in my house. When I got home yesterday, I noticed the screen was all messed up. So I start looking around and calling Tux’s name. I hear a faint Meow and dig through the box and there he was laying in the bottom all curled up.

Yay he’s been found! 🙂 I was beginning to lose hope that he would be found.

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