Shopping Weekend

So this past weekend was very expensive for me! I went out and bought a new headboard and some other stuff.

But first! Friday night was Sirin’s birthday, so we had a party at her house. I brought cake and beverages. Very yummy! 🙂 We had an excellent time at her place. We went home (the whole 2 steps) about 2am.

Saturday we slept in and then met up with Jason and Steve for breakfast. After that we went to ZGallerie Outlet. I got an $800 headboard for $150! I really like it. The only thing is that it’s a king and not a queen. But I actually like the look of its size. Now I just have to get matching stuff for the bedroom. Including nightstands!

The whole pick it up and what not was a huge mess too. We got the truck half an hour before they closed and rushed over there. We were all running around like crazy.

That night Const and I went to Buca di Beppo. Our food was really good, but I thought it was a little over priced for what we got. Went home after that, put my bed together and rearranged the bedroom and then watched a movie in my new bed!

Sunday we got up and sat around the house for a while then Jason and Erick met us and we all went to Ikea and then to Home Depot again! Once we were done with that we went to Jason’s, watched The Queen and drank Champagne. Very fun!

Const left after we were done with that and I spent the night watching TV and reading, etc.

Now that I have a new headboard, I really want a new comforter and sheets, I found some on Amazon, I’d be saving $500, but I’d still be spending $300! I’m not really sure I want to spend that kind of money on them! Ugh, why am I so cheap!

Work has been boring.


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