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Images of the latest Tornado in KS Pretty cool before and after. Sad. 🙁

Shooting off 800 model rockets at once! Damn cool!

Fiber Optic Grass

Mexican Petunia

Agapanthus Midnight Blue.

Cali Traffic… Gotta love it:

Total Route Length (miles): 14.7

Total Route Travel Time: 58 minutes

Seriously, I could bike that faster! So I am going to kill some time at the office before heading out. The worst part is that’s with NO REPORTED ACCIDENTS! Clear traffic ahead! UGH!

Well the last two days I have been home sick off my ass. But we have a huge deadline so I’ve also been working my ass off. I’ve got all the bugs squashed right now, so I can take a minute to write about a few thoughts I’ve been having lately.

1) Andrew… His graduation is coming up this weekend. Amazing, I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years of me being here in Cali. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. I also can’t believe how much we’ve fallen apart. He’s been posting all these nostalgic posts and it’s honestly been really pissing me off. Three years ago, I moved here for him. If you had asked me what I’d be doing right now three years ago. I would have told you we’d be preparing for his graduation and I’d be looking for a place to live close to wherever he was going…

Well reality is so much different. We haven’t even spoken since January. Why? I honestly have no idea. Another point that’s really pissing me off. You know, he was supposed to be such a great friend and what not. Christmas he got his new laptop, we talked on and off for a couple weeks after that about it and stuff like that. Then all of a sudden he stops talking to me. I keep sending him links and tips about his new laptop through email. But never once does he reply to them with a “Thanks” or “How’s it going” or anything. So one day I just email him one last link with the line. “Why do I even bother sending these to you?”. He never replied.

Why? No clue. I guess Chris A was right though when he said that Andrew had no intention of keeping in touch with me. Because that’s exactly what he did. Cut me out. Sure would have been nice for him to grow some balls and tell me that to my face though.

2) Boys in general. What is it about me that I can’t keep one around. Ben has made it clear this week that things aren’t going to heat up again there. So whatever. But you know. I keep getting people telling me I’m a great person and blah blah blah. Buy why don’t any of them stay around? What do I do to scare them off. I keep seeing the same pattern over and over again. We meet, we hang out a lot for a few weeks and then they disappear. WTF? Does something better come along? Do I annoy them? Do I push too much? What’s the fucking problem?

3) The ride. It’s in 2 weeks! OMG. I’m freaking out. I think I have everything ready for it, except for a place to stay. I’m going to try talking to JT tomorrow to see if the company will donate vacation time! Because honestly. I’ve already spent nearly $2,000 on this ride. I don’t want to use up my vacation time as well. I like supporting this cause, etc. But my god.

3b) The ride donations. I’m really very annoyed that some of my “great friends” haven’t donated yet or some of my family, or a lot of other people who SAID they would. I keep reminding them. So where’s the fucking money? SHOW ME THE MONEY!

I really want to get out of here for the long weekend next week. But I know that I can’t afford to do that. :'(

I’m out!

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i donated! though not much.. but i donated! good luck with the race!

now, have you thought of just giving up on boys? i hear your hand can give you as much loving.

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