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10:57:16 AM workguy: can u fix svn!?

Ok, seriously. You don’t START a conversation like that. If there’s a problem, IM me and say. “I can’t get SVN to work, here’s the error I am getting”. The following 8 lines SHOULD not have been required.

10:57:28 AM me: what is wrong with it

10:57:33 AM workguy: i dunno i cant commit

10:57:35 AM me: CL e-mailed me yesterday and said he fixed it

10:57:49 AM workguy: doesnt work for me at all

10:57:53 AM me: do you get an erro?

10:57:57 AM workguy: yea

10:58:03 AM me: that might be helpful

10:58:14 AM workguy: Error: Commit failed (details follow):

Error: Can’t open file ‘/proj/svn/svn/db/transactions/2074-6.txn/node.0.0’: Permission denied

11:00:03 AM me: try now?

11:00:29 AM workguy: nothin

At this point, I go and search the forums, etc for answers. I find some, and try those out, but nothing works

11:44:57 AM me: try again. if this doesn’t work we’ll have to post in the forums

11:45:20 AM workguy: ?

11:45:22 AM workguy: post what

11:45:26 AM me: a question

11:45:28 AM me: about how to fix it

11:45:33 AM workguy: whos forums

Does it matter! You are NOT the one fixing it. Just F’ing answer my question as to if it works or not! Commentary from you is not needed

11:45:40 AM me: does it work

11:46:01 AM workguy: doesnt work

11:46:10 AM workguy: no u have to fix it

11:46:19 AM workguy: this is the most important thing

11:46:29 AM workguy: our whole project relies on it

Umm, excuse me? Who died and made you king of the world? You do NOT talk to your fellow co-workers like this! I have done EVERYTHING in my power to fix the issue. It was NOT my job to TEST the damn thing before it was moved over from the old server to the new one. That was YOUR job, don’t get bitchy at me because you didn’t do YOUR job!

11:46:35 AM me: yes. I realize that. and it was CL’s job to make sure it was working before we moved over

11:46:41 AM me: I have done everything that _I_ can do

11:46:48 AM workguy: just bring the old box back

11:46:50 AM workguy: wtf was wrong with it

11:46:58 AM workguy: it worked and wasnt slow

11:46:59 AM me: Because it’s already been disassembled.

11:47:39 AM workguy: well keep working on it until its fixed…

11:47:43 AM workguy: we have a release coming up

WHAT? You don’t have ANY authority over me to tell me what my priorities are. _I_ too have a deadline coming up. You expect me to just drop everything I’m doing for you? And with that attidute? I think not… Thankfully the manager of the person I’m IMing with then IMed me and gave me a HINT as to what might be wrong (Another application was running at the same time, interfering with their process). I checked and that was the problem…So I had him try again….

11:56:56 AM me: try now

11:57:01 AM workguy: it just worked

11:57:19 AM me: try a couple more times

11:57:40 AM workguy: well u cant just “try”…i have to have something to commit

11:57:47 AM me: clearly

11:57:52 AM me: so do something

11:59:07 AM workguy: it worked

UGH! Ok, you just bitch at me for the last hour about how important this is. We have reports that it works “intermittently”. I ask you to try a couple more times to VERIFY that it’s working and you give me lip? I think not!

Oh, and how about a nice, “Thanks for fixing it”!! UGH!

I am getting really fed up with these idiots lately. The same guys who for the last 20 days have given me nothing but. “I don’t know” and “not sure” every time I ask them for help. I’m moving their servers, they are the ones who set them up. They should know exactly how everything is setup and working. And yet all I can get out of them is crap answers.

Plus they sit right on the other side of the cube from me, I have to hear them all day long talking loudly about shit. One of them just sits there and screams the same thing over and over again until you answer him and if two people are in a conversation and he needs something, he just barges right in. No waiting, no polite, “excuse me”, no nothing. (BTW, the same one this conversation was taken from). He’s like a fucking 2 year old! If he doesn’t get exactly what he wants right NOW he has a temper-tantrum. How about we just give him a nice candy bar and tell him to sit in the corner?

I think I really need a vacation. But I can’t afford the time away from training for lifecycle right now. June 2nd can’t come fast enough, and yet it needs to be farther off!

BTW: Ultimately the issue was the JIRA and Fisheye were running as user ROOT (ls -alR svn/ | grep root). When you update a problem/ticket in one of those two, it updates the SVN root directory. This was then changing the permissions on those files to “root:root”. mod_svn requires that ALL files be the same user as the apache install is running. For this instance that was “apache:apache”. Restarting Jira and Fisheye under the apache user fixed the problem.


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