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Double Hits

Well. I had a big long post here yesterday and for some reason it got deleted when I went to save it! Ugh!

Anyways, Wed work was horrible after only getting 2 hours of sleep! I was just so not very createive and the boss was asking me to be. It was horrible.

That night Ben came over and he was very talkative and we had a great time. As I said, we watched babel. We had a good time. He’s going home this weekend, so I won’t get a chance to hang out with him again till Mondayish.

Thursday was good. Work was typical, I guess our VP was in another accident so a bunch of projects that I should have been working on, I didn’t have the information for, so nothing got done on those. Made headway on another list that I’ve been putting off for a while though. Went to the gym after work and biked for 45 minutes. I went pretty easy and it said that I burned 300 calories. I wonder how accurate that is to being moved over to the real world. Because I typically go about twice as fast as I was at the gym, and for twice as long. I wish I could have a cal/heart rate monitor for my real world biking. Maybe I’ll go buy one this weekend.

Had one of the worst dates of my life that night. It was VERY VERY awk, the guy says he’s only 27, but he looks 37. I kept trying to talk to him and he just kept giving one word answers and shit. Very annoying and stupid. I got there and like 5 minutes into it I txted Jason. “Save me!”. lol. UGH!

Trying to find stuff to do for tonight. I’ve invited 3 people out, of course they are all maybes. So yeah. Who knows. I’d really like to try and get to meet up with some of these people I’ve been chatting with online. It’s just so difficult because our schedules never mesh damnit!

I downloaded a ton of Japanese language classes from this site. So I’m going to start listening to them in the car. I’m a bit annoyed though because there’s no easy way to get them in the correct order on my iPod! For some reason it’s all messed up! I’m getting really scared for my class!

I was sent this link the other day from “Love God’s Way Ministries”:

1 – Gay Bands

2 – Safe Banks

OK. Anyone notice that A) there’s WAY more “Gay Bands” then safe bands? And B) I think there’s more ACTUAL gay bands on the “safe bands” list! haha. Stupid gay haters!

So last month my blog had TWICE the number of unqiue visitors over the month before. Kinda strange considering that from 01/06 – 12/06 there’s only about a 300+/- difference each month and then from Dec06-Jan07 the unique people doubled! It’s just a bit scary and cool at the same time. Hopefully some of those people will continue to come back! 🙂

Every day that goes by I want to txt Mayko and just say. “Are you serious”. This is really annoying.

I went to the store the other day and was carrying a big heavy box out. I opened the door and was walking out when the door SLAMMED into the back of my hand. I now have a HUGE bruise across the back of my hand and it really hurts to move it too much.


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You’ll have to come and watch some anime with me to learn all of your important Japanese!

I looked at your class description, and it looks like you won’t be learning kanji to start, so you can be less scared for that. Hiragana and katakana writing will be a lot more like what we’re used to: spelling out words. Hope that eases some fears.

Ja ne!

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