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Berlin – Day #4

Today’s the last real day we have to roam around late at night… Guess what, we’re not going to be doing that again. I’m getting really annoyed with her slowness. We had a great day though. Did two muesums (Pergamon and Altes), then I left her and went over to way east berlin (what a mess) and did some shopping. Didn’t find anything that I was looking for. VEry annoyed by that. After that I did some more shopping in Alexanderplates, and found some chocolates and stuff to bring back to the office. I still have three presents to buy. I know what two of them are going to be, I just have to actually buy them, the last one I still don’t know what it is!

After that we went to Ku’damm, which was fun. Again, slowness was the anoyingness. WE didn’t get to cover near as much as I would have liked to have done. But oh well. We saw a good chunk of it. It’s also a bit annoying though because she’s not very experimental with the food. IE, we ate at PIzza Hut today. I feel so fat from that. I want to go out to the pink district, but it’s so far away on the train and again, I feel really bad abot leaving her here alone. Perhaps on the next trip… If there ever is one.

It’s making me realy sad that I don’t have a bf here either. And why can’t I be more outgoing and agressive in getting a random makeout or something too. Ugh. I’m nearly on tears sometimes. It’s a completely random country… I should be able to pick SOMEONE up!

I’ve had dreams about Austin every night since we got here… Very distrubing.

WEll shower time, tomorrow is the concentration camp and then some big palace thing. It’s a light day, if we are back early enough perhaps I will go to the pink district then to just check itout and then come home to pack. We have to be up at 4am thursday to catch the train to the airport. We did a dry run tonight for Angel so that she’s not lost!

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