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Kyle XY

OMG, I’m IN LOVE with Kyle XY, his hair, his voice, his facial expressions… Amazing… Bring him to me!! And, he’s my age!!! YUMMMY!

There was clearly something wrong with my last theme, which was limiting my Google search results… Last month Google refered 135 people to my site, this month its been 676…. Most of my search results come from “Boyfriend Application”.. haha.

Speaking of, certian people who I haven’t talked to in nearly 2 months are STILL making fun of me on myspace about having that up. Idiots. Get over it people… “And yes, you will not be seeing a BF application on my site anytime soon. Although it would be funny to put up as a joke and be a little shit about it :)”… Why are people so fucking childish.

Last night was nice, I nailed my clock together and painted it… Everyone in my apartment complex probably thinks I’m crazy now.. But it’s going to look SO FUCKING cool. Did I mention I ordered the electronics? I just hope that they come the way I want them too, because if the LEDs come already soldered to the circuit boards then we’re going to have problems! At least the hardest part (or what I think is the hardest part) is done, and that’s programming the control board. I also hope that the LEDs are bright enough, because if not, then I’ll have to buy more.. and what if the boards aren’t able to carry the electical capacities then!?!?! OMG, so much could potentially go wrong here!

After that I went on a short bike ride, got home and was supposed to go out and have a drink with this guy, but he got held up at work. We’re going to try getting together again tonight, we’ll see if that happens.

Today, I had a meeting… First off, no one knew if it was at 10 or 11. The invite said 10, the WebEx said 11, and the e-mail I got about it said 11-10:30? WTF people. And the person hosting the meeting wasn’t replying to things… Ugh. It ended up being at 11, but it was such a waste. We’re supposed to start supporting this new software that’s coming on line early next week… Yeah, we didn’t get trained on how to do any of it.. The whole meeting was basically… “Heres what we need to have meetings about to get this going”. Ugh. I don’t see HOW these people get work done.

I left shortly after the meeting and went to the grocery store, the boss is having a BBQ tomorrow and I was going to make these Mexican roll-up things. So I go to the store, and they don’t have anything CLOSE to what I need. So I had to make something else.. So I called my aunt, she told me what to buy and.. I made them. I don’t think they came out right. 🙁 Still taste ok, but I’m not going to make everyone at work eat them. Perhaps I’ll just stop and buy something pre-made at the store before going.

Came home and put the second coat of paint on my Clock.. Check out the photodump to see pics of it… Hopefully it will be completed this weekend! That is, if all the parts work as said! (I also added more pics to the Pirates of the Caribbean library.)

Heading out to a bike ride soon and then who knows…


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omg i love kyle xy. that’s like the only show i watch religiously now. haha!

my fav scene…

Lori: (after seeing Kyle naked) Kyle, I think it’s time you learn about modesty.

Kyle: I’m not modest?

Lori: No, and apparently not Jewish either.

BTW, Taste of Lexus is back in Irvine on Sept 16-17, 23-24! Now’s your chance to go!

KyleXY is really hot. Good actor too and a good show. Did you see the season finale? Pretty good. I can’t wait until next season.

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