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Seriously Folks..

Ok, I have to admit, I’ve been on sort of a shopping spree lately, spending large amounts of money that I really shouldn’t.

First there was the $300 in clothes that I bought and posted about before, then there was the $450 worth of plane tickets…

Today, I bought:

2 – Tickets to The Fray for Nov 15th ($80).. Anyone wanna go with me??? $40 for your ticket. 😛 (Fucking ticket master.. I’ll bitch about them later)

A shirt from Banana Republic:

Classic fit diagonal wide-check dress shirt

A D&G Shirt:

Dolce & Gabbana Men's Plaid Dress Shirt,White&Blue Plaid

My TIX Clock ($50), and a Bike Tune-up ($50). And I still have to pay for the Zumanity tickets ($100).

This weekend, I have to go by lumber and a few other things for my giant clock… Hopefully that’ll stay below $30.

Someone make me stop spending money! lol

I’m a bit pissed though, because Ticketmaster charged nearly 50% fucking service fees!!! Excuse me whores?! You do NOTHING but host a fucking website, and a SHITTY one at that! Why do you charge so much fucking money! If it we’re pre-sale tickets, I’d totally have gone to the place and bought them in person, that way it’d be cheaper. But oh well. :'( Fucks

And seriously, who’s gonna pay $150 for a ONE PAIR of briefs!?!?! That’s right, $150 for ONE pair of Gucci black striped waistband briefs.

Do you want the Screen name “Master”? Well go bid on it @ Ebay. It’s currently at $355.

This morning, I headed down to the pier before coming to the office. I missed the big boat heading out, and it was so foggy you could only make out a dark blip in the horizon as to where it was, but I did witness them loading up a bunch of extras into speed boats to take out there.. They were all dressed up in period garb and had muskets and such… Last night while walking on the beach, I saw some flashes of light coming off the big boat as well… could it be cannon shot, or some such? who knows!

My ‘u’ key seems to be having issues today. 🙁


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“My key seems to be having issues today.”

Cause it’s a mac!! Haha, no don’t hate me, I was joking, joking!

Once in a while it does not hurt to spend money on yourself. You work hard and deserve it!!

I know, but I always feel so bad spending money! I have to stay in my budget… my hard core budgeting! Ugh!

Thankfully this is all going on the Amex, so no interest till ’07! lol

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