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I only ask one question…

Sooo. Still nothing from Jay. I sent him the following email last night.


Well it’s been three days now since I’ve heard from you. I’ve called and left messages, and no response. I can only assume this means you want nothing to do with me.

I have to ask one question… Why?

You said to me: “dont worry about me ever not calling you back. i respect you too much for that”. What happened? Why have you suddenly stopped talking to me. I only ask that you have the balls to explain.

I was realy enjoying hanging out with you, and hoping that if something more didn’t become of it that we could at least be friends. I guess that’s not an option now based on your actions. This turn of events has hurt me, again, I only ask why you’ve done this and chosen to stop talking to me.

Please respond in some way.

I haven’t heard from him. I saw him on myspace/aim/a4a… So at least I know he’s alive. Stupid Fucker.

Last night Carlito came over. We got plastered and fucked. It was fun. He’s good in bed, he hits that spot that makes me scream. I hope the neighbors didn’t hear…

I’ve got zero plans for the weekend.. :'(

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You are probably better off without him. If he cannot make up his mind of what he commits himself too, then he is not worth it.

Yeah, I know.. It’s just that every rejection now is such a HUGe let down.. And after I put all the engery into him.. And he seemed so great. I feel like now _I’m_ missing out on that. 🙁

It’s never easy opening yourself to someone, and when they do something like Jay did. Well, I know it makes it a little harder on letting the next person in.

Be patient, you will find someone.

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