He’s just not that into you.

So, I’m assuming it’s done with Jay. He sent me a txt message late Monday night. Said “I’ll call you tomorrow”.

So all day Tuesday I wait, and wait.  Everytime my phone rang, my heart jumped hoping it was him. Nothing.

He was online off and on from about 5:30 till 9 when I went to bed. Usually for like 45 minutes at a time. I never IMed him, he never IMed me. What happened to practive at 6 every tuesday?

I sent him a txt at 9. “Good night, hope your day was great”. No reply… I sent him a txt at 3:30 this morning, “So, how come you never called like you said you would.”

Ugh. WHY!?

Why is it that the ONE thing I want so badly is so fucking hard to obtain!! I could do with out the HUGE salary, the great place to live. I just want this one fucking thing. I want someone to share my life with!

Any why do boys lie so fucking much. Friday Jay was all. “I’m so into you, and you’re so great” blah blah blah. Saturday it was, well you know…

Then it’s nothing. The thing that gets me the most is “dont worry about me ever not calling you back. i respect you too much for that”

Umm. Where’s that respect again?

Maybe he’s got a great reason… Probably not.

2 thoughts on “He’s just not that into you.”

  1. And them maybe, sometimes I speak too soon:

    8:10:10 AM theboy: Good morning.

    8:10:16 AM blackc2004: morning

    8:10:18 AM blackc2004: what’s up

    8:10:40 AM theboy: Hey, Im sorry I didn’t call you yesterday. I had a hectic day that ran from 8-8, then I had to run to my friend Julie’s dinner

    8:10:59 AM theboy: Im leaving work at 5:15, in order to get to practice by 6:30

    8:11:08 AM theboy: I’ll call you and catch up on my way home today

    8:11:12 AM theboy: will you be around after 5pm?

    8:11:30 AM blackc2004: ok… sorry, just would have been good to hear from you…

    8:11:37 AM blackc2004: yeah, i’ll be around.

    8:11:57 AM blackc2004: you’re practive going to run late again?

    8:12:12 AM theboy: No, I regret that I didn’t call you for at least a few min yesterday

    8:12:28 AM theboy: Bowen and I are goingto take a two man canoe out tomorrow, since we both missed practice yesterday

    8:12:46 AM theboy: I wont be back til 8:30 or so

    8:12:49 AM theboy:

    8:12:54 AM blackc2004: Tonight or tomorrow?

    8:13:36 AM theboy: tonight

    8:13:48 AM blackc2004: Awww, that sucks… So no jack burgers for you I guess.

    8:14:06 AM theboy: haha… no, i guess not …

    8:14:16 AM theboy: jack burger nazi!

    8:14:35 AM blackc2004: Yep, it’s a limited time only deal

    8:14:45 AM theboy: ok, i just wanted to say hi and that I’ll call you tonight

    8:14:52 AM theboy: Everything good with you?

    8:15:23 AM blackc2004: Yeah, mostly. I’ll be looking forward to your call tonight.

    8:15:29 AM theboy: Get any new applications for BF from your BF application>:o

    8:15:45 AM blackc2004: lol. maybe. it’s prettier now.

    8:15:51 AM theboy: haha… boo

    8:16:02 AM theboy: ok kiddo, Im off, but I’ll talk toyou later skater!

    have a great day!

    8:16:10 AM blackc2004: you too. adios!

    What I find most interesting about this is the following three lines:

    8:15:29 AM theboy: Get any new applications for BF from your BF application>:o

    8:15:45 AM blackc2004: lol. maybe. it’s prettier now.

    8:15:51 AM theboy: haha… boo

  2. I’m leaving work at 5:15… I’ll call you to catch up…around after 5?

    One would assume that means he’s calling me around 5ish. It’s 2 hours later… No call yet….

    I called him, no answer. Perhaps I wasn’t to early to start thinking that stuff I wrote.

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