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A Scout is Trustworthy

Ugh. Highschool mode again! Stupid faggots. People are telling others that I’m a liar. I’m glad to know that at least some of them don’t believe that, but it makes me wonder how many other people have been told I’m a liar.

So not much has really happened this week. Oh wait! That’s right, I found out that funding for my job has been cut! Ohh. How exciting is that!

Thankfully they apparently like me enough not to just fire me, so they are moving me back to the HelpDesk for the “short term”. There’s apparently two projects coming down the line that I could potentially get put on. But, if neither of those projects work out. Then….

However, if I get put on one of the two, then I have to move back to NB! OMG! I’ve got meetings today here in SM, and one in NB tomorrow and Friday to talk about this shit.

Not sure what’s going on with CR, I feel like I should jump into something with him. He’s a really nice guy. But at the same time… Slow and steady. Ugh!

So yeah.. Last night was horrible. I got VERY little sleep. Code flying through my head, thinking about all this stuff and what not.

Good night all.

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Well that just totally sucks. You have way too much talent to be put into that kind of situation. Sounds like you need to start a job search and get your resume out onto the streets. Companies just can’t afford to carry people on overhead for very long.

Oh trust me! I’ve already started. I’ve applied to a few places already this week. This was a possibility when they initialy talked to me about moving up here, they just didn’t think that the funding would be cut so fast, or so much. They cut 100% of my funding and 50% of another guys funding. Honestly it pisses me off that it was the two of us who got cut as we were the most senior. But because we’d both been working out of NB instead of SM we were less visiable. Ugh! This is why I hate contracting!

I’m really hoping that one of these two projects spin up fast! One of them sounds VERY interesting!

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